IT Products

Biometric Attendance System was extended to bring under it the Aadhar verification.This has made verification and attendance management easier and more secure.

The traditional system of keeping atrack of attendance with pen and paper has been replaced by a smooth,scientific and secure invention.The biometric attendance system can quickly record the attendance of all the attendees at an office or school or any event.

A boom barrier or a boom gate is used primarily to block vehicles and pedestrians from moving into a controlled zone. Boom barriers come with a bar and counterweights to block traffic at both ends.

Undercover work was a thing of the past.  Today surveillance is done in a jiffy with just cameras and cables. Closed-circuit television was developed to ease the task of spying and monitoring. CCTV or video surveillance is used to transmit signals to a specific point, specifically for the visual data to be displayed on a set of monitors.

Access comes with certain responsibilities and ethics. Not everyone can be allowed to have access to places where security is a must. To provide this guaranteed security, door access control systems have come to aid.

IT infrastructure is an integral part of any organization in the present times. The need of the hour is to have excellent IT infrastructure to support the operations of a company both large and small.