Air Monitoring Instruments

1. Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System

The stack gas analyzer developed based on the ultraviolet spectroscopic absorption spectroscopy technology is a flue gas analyzer product independently researched and developed by our company for on-line gas analysis at home and abroad. The analyzer can measure the concentration of SO2, NOx and other gases, and has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, high reliability, fast response time and wide application range.

  • Sensor based system for various parameters.
  • Gas concentration unit available for %LEL, PPM, %VOL, mg/m3.
  • CPCB/Cloud Connectivity.
  • Solar power based.
  • With TUV-SUD/CE Certificates.
Online Continuous Emission Monitoring

2. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station

The Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station comes equipped with several sensors measuring various parameters of weather and the gases present in the ambient air. It measures as many as 14 parameters ranging from the number of gases present in the ambient air such as SOX, NOX, O3, CO2, O2, etc. to different parameters of weather such as Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Rainfall (current and cumulative) Barometric Pressure, Solar Radiations, etc. However, it can also be customised as per the requirements of the user and the parameters may differ accordingly.

  • Thimble: Glass Fibre Thimble/PTFE Filter for the separation of particulates
  • Pump: 0-9 lpm (Litre Per Minute) higher efficient vacuum pump
  • Solar panel: Polycrystalline Photovoltaic PV Solar Panel 35 watt for 12V battery charging
  • Data-Logging: Internal-SD card & External-USB drive

3. Online SPM

Its soot/dust concentration monitor uses the laser backscattering principle to determine the soot concentration of the flue to be tested. The embedded high-stability laser signal source traverses the flue and irradiates the soot particles. The irradiated soot particles will reflect the laser signal, and the reflected signal intensity and the soot concentration will change positively. The weak laser signal reflected by the smoke is detected, and the concentration of the flue dust can be calculated by a specific algorithm.

  • Compact sensor based system with low maintenance.
  • IOT/Cloud Connectivity.
  • Extremely low zero drift design technology.
  • Optional RS-485 out for SCADA.
Online SPM

4. Continuous Air Quality Monitoring Station

EE-CAQMS-05 series is a simple modularization system and auxiliary system of air quality continuous monitoring based on compact outdoor temperature control system. The temperature control is designed for the entire monitoring system. It can be configured with a variety of monitoring factors which is in accordance with USA EPA standard measurement principle including O3, Sox, Nox, CO and VOC, PM10 and PM2.5, etc.

5. Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. Understanding and controlling common pollutants indoors can help reduce your risk of indoor health concerns. Health effects from indoor air pollutants may be experienced soon after exposure or, possibly, years later. Indoor Air Quality Monitor is a hand-held air quality monitor with microcontroller based design. It can detect indoor PM2.5 mass concentration, CO2 concentration, TVOC, temperature and related humidity and output real-time measurement. It is widely used for Indoor air monitoring, Ventilation systems, Air purification systems in offices, industries and household.

  • Good consistency
  • Real time response With AQI
  • Low power consumption
  • Minus resolution of particle diameter of 0.3μm
  • Battery/power operated with adapter
  • Data-Logging: Internal-SD card & External-USB drive (optional)
Indoor Air Quality Monitor

6. Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

This sensor monitors PM10, PM2.5, temperature and humidity, SOx, NOx, CO, Ozone,light sound making it suitable for use in air quality monitoring applications. All you have to do is connect the device to your WiFi router using a smartphone. For private monitoring applications, we offer a private dashboard to view and analyse data.

  • measures PM10, PM2.5, temperature and humidity
  • rugged enclosure allows deployment in most environments
  • optional mounting bracket to allow installation on poles.
  • no additional setup required, simply connect the device to Our server.

7. Flu Gas Analyzers

With wireless communication as an option, the Kane 905 combustion analyser is perfect for flue gas engineers who are responsible for the installation, commission and servicing of commercial oil, gas or biomass appliances and ideal for installing, commissioning and servicing oil, gas and biomass appliances found in commercial applications.

  • Infra-red printer link… printed header can be customised
  • Logs and stores 150 test results for easy transfer to PC
  • Long life battery recharged in situ
  • The analyser is supplied with a flue gas probe, protective rubber sleeve, battery charger, operator’s manual and carry case.
Flu Gas Analyzers



Our Fine Particulate Sampler is precisely designed ambient air sampler for fine dust sampling. It is a passive instrument for sampling fine particles (PM2.5 fraction) and is based on impactor designs standardized by USEPA for ambient air quality monitoring. Ambient air enters the series samplers system through an Omni-directional inlet designed to provide a clean aerodynamic cut-point for particles greater than 10 microns.

  • Digital Timer user settable
  • Diaphragm Pump with high continous running life 30 hours at one run.
  • Oil free Vacuum Pump
  • Strong and Durable Aluminum sheet for
  • High strength body
  • Anti– Vibration feet for Noise free operations

9. Stack Sampler

Stack sampling or stack monitoring is the experimental process for evaluating the characteristics of waste gas stream emissions into the atmosphere from industrial facilities to meet environmental standards. Our Stack Sampler can monitor Particulate Matter (PM) and various water- soluble gaseous like SO2 from stacks or diesel generator chimneys for source emission monitoring.

Stack Sampler​

10. High Volume Sampler

High Volume Sampler

High volume Samplers are the basic instrument used to monitor ambient air quality. They have widespread use all over the world to measure air pollution in industrial areas, urban areas, on the shop floor, near monuments and other sensitive areas. In this high volume sampler, air- borne particulates are measured by passing air at a high flow rate of cubic meter per minute through a high-efficiency filter which retains the particles. The instrument measures the volume of air sampled, while the amount of particulate collected is determined by measuring the change in weight of the filter paper as a consequence of the sampling.

11. Portable Gas Monitor

The Field Mounted Monitor is a single gas multipurpose monitor that combines simplicity and high performance in a low cost, low maintenance package. The rugged NEMA 4X or 7X assembly is suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and general purpose applications to monitor hazardous, toxic gases or oxygen in process flue gas or ambient air. Model GD-250 single channel digital control modules are designed to supervise and display the status of a single integral or remote sensor assembly. It is housed in a NEMA 4X wall mount enclosure or Ex-proof enclosure.

  • High sensitivity & resolution.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Good stability and excellent anti-interference ability.
  • Fully automatic operation with rechargeable battery.
  • Auto-calibration.
  • Low battery alarm.
  • Portable Gas Monitor​